Is Plastic Surgery Cosmetic Surgery?

The field of Plastic Surgery, which, in North America requires specific qualifications, includes both Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery. Often the line between the two is blurred.

As Plastic Surgeons, we are always concerned with the cosmetic appearance of our procedures in addition to the function of the body part that we restore.

All qualified plastic surgeons in Canada receive training in Cosmetic Surgery during their residency. Some, however, like Dr. Kurz, may go on to do further training in Cosmetic Surgery after qualifying as Plastic Surgeons.

Is Cosmetic Surgery For Me?

You may have thought about cosmetic surgery at one time or another, but never considered it seriously. As we age, gravity, sun and time all take their toll on the tone of our skin and soft tissues causing more and more of us think about cosmetic surgery.
To start thinking about it seriously however, one must know the facts. Start by arranging a consultation through our office. Come prepared with a list of questions.

There have been a lot of changes in the field of cosmetic surgery in recent years. The techniques are more reliable, the outcomes more predictable and the stigma of having it done is a thing of the past.

No matter how hard I work out...

Diet and exercise are extremely important elements of a healthy lifestyle. They reduce the risk of disease, increase energy and improve your overall sense of well being.

In spite of your best efforts to stay trim and fit, age, genes and (in women) previous pregnancies may leave you with areas of fat deposits (such as abdomen, thighs and hips) and lax stretched skin. You may be a candidate for Liposuction, Abdominoplasty, Breast Surgery, or some of the other Body Sculpting techniques performed by Dr. Kurz.

I've never been happy with my nose...

Like facelift surgery, rhinoplasty (nose job surgery) has undergone a transition from the past. Most rhinoplasties in the past were performed through incisions inside the nostrils.

An increasing number of Plastic Surgeons are recognizing the benefits of the “open” approach rhinoplasty. For you, the patient, the only difference in this approach is an added scar under your nose, which is very well hidden. For the surgeon the internal structure of the nose can be seen in its final position.

This has improved our ability to predict the final appearance of the nose, and to make subtle changes that might otherwise be difficult or impossible.

What can I do about these wrinkles?

A number of procedures are available to address the signs of facial aging. Minimally invasive techniques such as Botox injection, Restylane, Perlane and Fat Injection allow patients to reduce these signs quickly and effectively with virtually no recovery time. The Fraxel Re:Pair laser can produce dramatic clinical results including skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, pigment and texture correction. Recent innovations in Surgical procedures, such as Neck, Brow and Face Lifting, mean less recovery time for these highly effective techniques of facial rejuvenation. Dr. Kurz also utilizes methods of combining these various techniques to maximize their effects safely, effectively and with surprisingly little down time.

Am I too young for all of this?

This concept too, has changed in recent years. As a patient, you recognize the importance of undergoing a subtle change when you have so-called rejuvenation surgery. In other words, you don’t want people to notice that you’ve had surgery, but you do want them to notice how good you look.

Clearly, the younger you are when you correct the effects of aging, the less effects there are to change, and the less likely you will be recognized as having had something done. It is more likely that you will just be recognized as looking good.

As we get older, more changes occur in our face due to gravity, sun exposure and the aging of supporting tissues. If we reverse these changes with smaller procedures spread further out over time, rather than one large procedure after all of the changes have occurred, we will live with a more youthful appearance longer, and no one will be the wiser!